Special Occasions

“Live for the moments you can’t put into words.”


?Most people tend to shy away from taking portraits because they believe that they are not photogenic, they don’t have the right body type or size, they feel awkward when they pose or that no photographer will invest enough time to make them look good. All this stems from a belief that it’s on them to make the picture look good. IT’S NOT!

It’s my job to guide you through your session, from wardrobe styling that compliments your body type, makeup and styling to posing. My goal is to create a comfortable environment that puts you at ease either in a studio or in your personal space. To make the most of your day, if you are planning a group session either with family, friends, the girls or your partner we advise you to book on a weekend and then plan something fun after as you would all be looking glammed up. LET’S TALK YOU THROUGH THE PROCESS.

Pre-consultation - Once the booking fee has been made, we will have a pre-consultation which will include discussions on expectations, location, your wardrobe and styling. If the shoot is to take place at your personal residence and is within a 15 km radius from the photographer, I can come by and look at your space to decide on the setting for the day in advance and take a look at your outfit options.

Hair & Makeup - If you decide on our package with hair and makeup, you will be required to arrive an hour and a half earlier so that our hair and makeup team can discuss the specifications you may want and get you ready for your shoot. The same would apply if you are to use your own makeup artist.

Photo Session - If you have a specific vision in terms of set-up or location, we can discuss these ideas and how best to achieve them. I’ll guide you throughout the session, showing you how to pose your body for the most flattering angles that compliment your body.

In-person \ online Viewing and Ordering - Within 1 week after your session, you will be sent a pre-selection of your images on a private gallery. This is where you select the images you love and would like to purchase. These images will then be edited/retouched. Whether you decide on a wall frame, album or our folio box; I’ll advise you on choosing the best products that suit your needs.             
Our pricing structure is built up to meet all possible needs and add value to each customer experience.


  • SESSION FEE: R 3000
  • Consultation telephonically or in-person
  • Studio setup
  • Hair and make up
  • 2-hour session
  • My time and expertise
  • Images are not included in this fee, the price for images will be dependent on the number of images or prints selected.
  • Packages/collection starting R4850

Once images have been selected and paid for, they will be edited/retouched and finally delivered.

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