“People are weird. When we find someone with weirdness that is compatible with ours, we team up and call it Love”- Dr Seuss


Weddings, my first love! There’s nothing as exciting and refreshing as engaging with a couple that’s madly in love and ready to tie the knot. Each couple’s love story is so unique and being able to tell that story and bring it to life through pictures is one of my favorite things in this entire world. We have various packages built to cater as best as possible to the needs of our clients. Inquiries are usually made online through the booking form or through whatever means the client finds the most convenient. We then send out our packages and follow up with a call to help advise on the package that would best suit the needs of the client depending on what they are looking for.

Pre-consultation - Once a couple has chosen their ideal package and paid R 3500 booking fee to secure the date (this is non-refundable and will be deducted from the final quotation amount), a face-to-face meeting is scheduled. I always prefer to meet my couples in person for weddings as this gives me a sense of who my couple is and inspires how best to capture their story. In the case where an in-person meeting is not possible, a zoom or telephone call will suffice. In the pre-consult the date, time and venue are confirmed, travel arrangements if any are organized, the breakdown and flow of the day are discussed for me to properly determine the necessities for the day. We also discuss the couple’s expectations in terms of the key moments and people they want to be captured. Once all is settled a final quotation will be sent out and the client is then required to pay a 50 % deposit. The balance needs to have been settled a month prior to the wedding date and any changes pertaining to the details of the wedding need to be communicated timeously to the photographer         
There are 4 wedding packages to choose from, starting at R15 000. Package brochure is available upon request.

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