HEY! I am Samuel Ekure 😃


I am a South African-based photographer specializing in weddings, events, and portrait photography. I have over 8 years of experience, both internationally; in the UK, Nigeria, and locally. A couple of years ago I came across a short wedding clip, I remember being absolutely engulfed at the moment, moved and blown away by the skill of the cinematographer that made me stand still and feel every emotion captured in those few short minutes. I knew I wanted to evoke emotions in peoples lives by capturing moments that may never occur again and that’s how my journey photography started! ? I have documented and captured hundreds of genuine moments of love and friendship since and it is my utmost desire for clients to feel an overwhelming and unforgettable connection to their photographs, those are the moments I live for as a photographer.


I was born in Nigeria, raised in the UK, and now based in South Africa. A wedding clip sparked my interest in photography but the first time I ever picked a camera up was as a young man was for a church event, I was handed the camera and told to take pics. I did, they came out good, and just like that my journey as a photographer began. From there I took my interest to another level, fuelled with this NEW-FOUND love, I began to watch tutorials on anything about photography and attended workshops. In my journey, I’ve been able to work and assist photographers that I have admired. In 2014, I moved back to Nigeria and began shadowing a local wedding photographer, this is where I learned the fundamentals of wedding photography specifically, built up my experience, and fell more in love with photography. A year and some months later I moved to Johannesburg, South Africa, where I was fortunate to meet and work with various local photographers from different fields, each photographer I have encountered has had a significant influence on my journey as a photographer and also in business. I began to build genuine relationships and get personal gigs through my newfound connections. My work got a positive response and that’s when I decided to make a living out of photography. My first love was wedding photography and so that was what I specialized in initially, but I started getting calls for private functions, my first few clients started asking for services more specific to their needs, eg. family portraits, headshots, maternity, etc. My business started painting a clear picture of the need to diversify and I did. in doing so, I developed a huge interest in personal branding and headshots, this got me to study furthermore on posing, lighting, and general knowledge on portraits. I soon realized this was a niche market that I’d also like to cater to. Today Sam Ekure photography is known for diversity with excellence and authenticity within his community. Outside of photography, I constantly meditate on God’s word as He is the foundation of my life, my other interests are music, reading, and spending time with loved ones. If you feel a connection to my work and want an exclusive experience, beautifully crafted and high-end quality printed photos I would love to hear from you. 😃

Our Studio

Although my clients enjoy the experience of the studio setup being brought to them, I do however often put together a mini studio set up in my apartment. Located in the quiet suburb of Vorna Valley, Midrand, my home studio is limited to shoots for smaller groups and available by appointment only. For larger groups, studio space can be arranged or hired out to accommodate everyone.